Summer Camp at Annunciation Heights

Registration opens January 23rd, 2019

“The very reason for going to the mountains for camping is to camp in the mountains; to study them in their infinite moods, to understand their multifarious messages, their inexhaustible revelations, to read in them the remote past of the universe and the ultimate destiny of the world; to realize our smallness in the presence of God’s power and magnificence; to emancipate ourselves from the muddy and slimy and stifling vicissitudes of city life and exchange it for a few breaths of pure oxygen that alone can add immeasurably to health of body and soul.  There is no such thing as too much mountaineering just as there is no such thing as too much virtue."

Monsignor Joseph J. Bosetti

How to Create An Impactful Summer Camp

Step 1. Rooted in Tradition

Over a 100 years ago (in 1916!), Msgr. Joseph Bosetti, started to bring Catholic boys from the newly opened Cathedral parish in Denver to the 160 acre property later named Camp Saint Malo – only two miles down the road from Annunciation Heights. For nearly 70 years Catholic boys and girls of Northern Colorado (and beyond) were able to experience summer camps that were genuinely Catholic, appropriately challenging, and offered a life changing experience of authentic Christian fellowship and community. Many today still attest to the impact those summer camps had on their lives.

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Step 2. Understanding Youth Culture

Identifying the crisis in youth culture today doesn’t take a professional adolescent psychologist. We all can see that, at every turn, youth are bombarded with various troubling aspects of our culture. There is hope.

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Step 3. Be Authentically Catholic

We strive to create the opportunity for friendship with Jesus which brings authentic happiness and friendship with others.
Our counselors are genuine and love their campers. Their aim is to communicate God’s love for each camper.

Step 4. Have Fun

Great camps are great for many reasons, but at the core, they offer an experience which is a ton of fun (and safe!) supported by counselors who love their campers. Campers are surrounded by other kids who will be friends for years to come.