Summer Camp at Annunciation Heights

Coming in 2019

“The very reason for going to the mountains for camping is to camp in the mountains; to study them in their infinite moods, to understand their multifarious messages, their inexhaustible revelations, to read in them the remote past of the universe and the ultimate destiny of the world; to realize our smallness in the presence of God’s power and magnificence; to emancipate ourselves from the muddy and slimy and stifling vicissitudes of city life and exchange it for a few breaths of pure oxygen that alone can add immeasurably to health of body and soul.  There is no such thing as too much mountaineering just as there is no such thing as too much virtue."

Monsignor Joseph J. Bosetti


How are we creating an impactful Summer Camp at Annunciation Heights?

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When is Summer Camp, and what sessions are available?

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