Rooted in Tradition

Over a 100 years ago (in 1916!), Msgr. Joseph Bosetti, started to bring Catholic boys from the newly opened Cathedral parish in Denver to the 160 acre property later named Camp Saint Malo – only two miles down the road from Annunciation Heights. For nearly 70 years Catholic boys and girls of Northern Colorado (and beyond) were able to experience summer camps that were genuinely Catholic, appropriately challenging, and offered a life changing experience of authentic Christian fellowship and community. Many today still attest to the impact those summer camps had on their lives.

In 1993, during the World Youth Day events in Denver, Pope John Paul II withdrew from the throngs of pilgrims for only a day and visited the renowned Chapel on the Rock that Msgr. Bosetti built. Both men were avid mountaineers, both were men of superb magnanimity, of immense culture and intellect, and both men invested great amounts of energy in their love for and belief in youth. The camps at Annunciation Heights will build upon the legacy by designing camp programs that will build faith in the context of spectacular beauty, confidence through participation in great adventure, and friendships that will last a lifetime!

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