Understanding Youth Culture

Identifying the crisis in youth culture today doesn’t take a professional adolescent psychologist or sociologist. We all can see that, at every turn, youth are bombarded with various troubling aspects of our culture. There is hope.

Kids today are smart, ready to act on a call to greatness (and wanting to know what that actually means and looks like), hoping for something more, and truly hungry for an authentic experience of life and faith – even if they are unaware or unable to express these desires.

In other words, kids are no different than the rest of us – we all, in the deepest recesses of our hearts, long for LIFE in abundance, a true and noble pursuit of authentic humanity in relationship with the true God. As Christians, we believe that Jesus, who is God made man, is the only one who can reveal our own humanity to us.

When it comes to creating a youth camp in the mountains of Colorado, we seek to design programs that support the growth and formation of our campers. Summer camp at Annunciation Heights will provide an opportunity to unplug from technology and experience the created world in a new and intentional way.

Summers at Annunciation Heights will be rooted in friendship with Jesus, therefore creating authentic happiness and friendship with others. We seek to hire counselors who authentically love campers and communicate God's love for them.

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