The Summit School at Annunciation Heights

The Summit School at Annunciation Heights teaches middle school students to be better stewards of the environment and strives to lead youth to foster genuine friendships in their lives. All classes are taught through hands-on experiential learning.

Annunciation Heights is a Catholic camp however we have secular curriculum we teach for public school guests. Programming focuses on developing genuine relationships with one another and the environment. It emphasizes values and has time for reflection in the day.

Program Overview

  • Middle school grades 5-8 and teachers, chaperones, or administrators
  • Typically 2 nights, 3 days
  • Hands-on experiential learning
  • Solo Time
  • Opportunity to disconnect from social media and to foster genuine friendships
  • Integrated environmental stewardship and outdoor leadership

Typical Schedule

Day 1

Ice breakers, picnic lunch upon arrival, team building activities, bonfire celebration

Day 2

Environmental science or leadership rotations, hike, dinner, night games, astronomy, night hike

Day 3

Environmental science or leadership rotations, closing activities, and departure


Learn the basics of navigation and how to use a topographic map and compass. Make connections between navigating through the mountains and navigating the spiritual life.

Human Survival

Learn how to survive in the mountains and woods in case of an emergency.

Home Sweet Home

Explore three ecosystems. Learn how each differs and its factors that lend to specific life there and how God provides for the needs of the living factors in the ecosystem.

Contact Us

For more information give us a call at: (970) 586-5689
or, send us an mail to info@annunciationheights.org