About The JPII Outdoor Lab

In the spirit of St. John Paul II and his encyclical, Fides et Ratio, the JPII Outdoor Lab offers programs that approach environmental science and outdoor education from a Catholic perspective. The mission of the JPII Outdoor Lab is to lead youth to Christ through the beauty of His creation and the sacraments.

Program Overview

-Middle school grades 5-8 and teachers, chaperones, or administrators
-Typically 2 nights, 3 days
-Hands-on experiential learning
- Faith formation
-Opportunity to disconnect from social media, to foster virtuous friendships and a to have personal encounter with Jesus
-Integrated environmental stewardship and outdoor leadership

Typical Schedule

Day 1

Ice breakers, picnic lunch upon arrival, team building activities, Adoration and Confession, bonfire celebration

Day 2

Breakfast, Environmental science or leadership rotations, Mass, lunch, hike, dinner, astronomy, night hike, small groups

Day 3

Breakfast, environmental science or leadership lesson, Mass, lunch, departure

Every course in our program is built on 3 main pillars

1. What does God have to say about this? We dive into Scriptural teachings to understand God’s creation and plan.
2. How does God make it work? We analyze the beautiful science of the course subject.
3. What does God want you to do with this? We bring it home as we challenge students to think about the practical ways they are being inspired to take these teachings and apply them to their lives.

Leadership Programming

Students learn they are made with unique gifts from God to offer the world. These gifts are realized through a low ropes challenge course, survival activities, Adoration, daily Mass, and hikes.

The JPII Outdoor Lab Leadership camp is customizable to your group’s needs. We work with you by learning your group’s specific struggles and how they may need to grow in leadership and as a group.

Contact Us

For more information, pricing, and availability contact us by completing this form or call (970) 586-5689.