Annunciation Heights and the Coronavirus

Here at Annunciation Heights, we are taking the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic very seriously.  We understand the gravity of the illness, and the potential threat that it poses both to guests and staff.  Nevertheless, we are excited to resume camp programming for families and hosting guest groups throughout this fall!  We are committed to doing everything in our power to protect all those who visit this property from exposure or contagion, and we are excited for summer and all that it will hold.

Below you will find helpful information about our response to the spread of this illness, as well as additional third party information to which we are adhering.

Policies on Camp:

Click here to read the COVID-19 Guest Practices, with Guest/Guest Family Acknowledgement and Commitment.

Each guest/guest family will be required to have this COVID-19 Guest Practices form signed in order to participate at any program at Annunciation Heights.

We take pride in keeping our facilities clean and welcoming for all of our guests.  Nevertheless, in this time of heightened fear, we are taking steps to maintain extra vigilance in sanitizing and disinfecting all public spaces.  Following our Standard Operating Procedures for cleaning camp facilities, we are now enacting a daily cleaning regimen of all high-touch, public surfaces. Using industrial strength products HALT and NABC Concentrate 1 cleared for anti-viral management, we will comply with all State and Department of Health standards to reduce illness transmission.  In accordance with good practice, we are also encouraging frequent and thorough hand-washing by all on-site.

Additionally, we are fully adhering to the Archdiocese of Denver’s directives regarding the celebration of Holy MassMore information can be found here.

Finally, we encourage all of our guests and program participants to be prudent!  Please remain home if you are ill, in any way.  While we recognize it would be a sacrifice to miss time spent here on camp in the beauty of the mountains, we also desire to limit exposure of staff and other guests to illness, be it COVID-19 or any other virus.

Camp Fee Assurance Policy:

While there are many conflicting reports on COVID-19, and studies are still ongoing, we are hopeful that the containment measures in place in the state of Colorado, as well as the upcoming change of seasons, will halt the spread of this illness and limit its effect on our camp programming as we move into spring and summer.

Nevertheless, in an effort to reassure and calm the fears surrounding registration for camp programming in the midst of this ongoing situation, we are instituting a Camp Fee Assurance Policy for our summer programs.  While our typical registration protocols include a non-refundable deposit, we are temporarily freezing these procedures and putting this Assurance Policy in place.  This will mean that all summer and family camp fees and deposits will be refundable up to the beginning of a camp program, whether due to personal hesitation and fear over public exposure OR due to the suspension of all camp programming.

As it stands, we encourage you to register your family for camp, pay the deposit or fees in full, and guarantee your spot, as space is limited. Nevertheless, you can rest easy knowing that should the situation worsen, your payment is fully refundable.

If you have already scheduled a booking for a facility rental or outdoor lab program, please contact the office directly with any questions or concerns at (970) 586-5689.

Third-Party Resources:

As active and engaged members of the community, we are working in collaboration with state and industry standards to maintain a safe and clean camp environment.  Below you will find links to the websites for each appropriate organization:


Finally, we are committed to maintaining transparency and open communication with clients, guests, and everyone in the Annunciation Heights family.  Should COVID-19 exposure occur on camp, notification will be made in a swift and clear method to all those potentially affected.  In a reciprocal manner, if you or anyone you know has visited camp and subsequently been tested positive for COVID-19, we ask that you immediately notify camp staff by phone (970) 586-5689 or email (