Annunciation Heights Special Diet Policy and Request Form


We appreciate the opportunity to serve you by providing a special diet during your stay at Annunciation Heights. Please note that we can accommodate only medically necessary, vegetarian, and vegan special diets and not weight loss, organic, or other food preference diets. Many preference or weight lose diets can be accommodated within the framework of the buffet style menus planned during your stay by omitting items and/or adjusting portion sizes. For more information, contact one of our food service staff at your meal.

Special Diet Request Process:
• You MUST complete the following special diet request form at least one week prior to your stay.
• Confirmation that your request has been received will be e-mailed to you along with an account of the special diet request you have submitted. Please review for accuracy. If you do not receive e-mail confirmation of your medical diet request, be sure to contact Annunciation Heights’ Director of Food Service at the contact information below.
• A food service staff member will contact you if additional information is needed.
• At each meal, please notify the food service staff that you have a special diet request and provide your FIRST and LAST name.
• Food service staff will provide an alternative food if your special diet substantially prohibits you from eating the meal provided to guests.

Must read before arrival: 
• A limited number of special diets can be accommodated during any meal.
• We will normally not attempt to accommodate guests with life threatening allergies due to risk and liability. Guests with severe/life threatening allergies should notify the Manager of Food Services prior to arrival and are personally responsible for avoiding any allergen in the dining facility. Food service staff cannot guarantee that there will not be cross-contamination during meals.
• ***Guests with severe allergies are strongly encouraged to bring their own supplemental nutrition, as the kitchen cannot be responsible for excessive allergic sensitivity. These food items can be stored in the guest office refrigerator. A microwave oven is provided in the dining hall for use by guests. (Food service staff cannot assist in any way with the preparation of outside food.)

Questions? Contact the office at (970) 586-5689 or by e-mail at info@annunciationheights.org



Annunciation Heights Special Diet Policy and Request Form

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  • Diet Request Details

  • If you are requesting a medical diet, please check all boxes that apply:

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