Be a part of the inaugural Summer Camp at Annunciation Heights!

The following links will take you to various pages that will provide an overview of our Summer Camp programming and philosophy at Annunciation Heights. If you have any questions about Summer Camp, please give us a call at: 970-586-5689.

Cost: $650/week

Camp sessions are $650 per camper, per week. Discounts are available for multiple children ($100 off the price of the second camper; additional children determined on case by case basis) as well as for those who work for the church (please inquire directly if this applies to you).

The $100 deposit is not refundable after registration has been confirmed. The balance of fees paid will be refunded if the camper does not attend camp due to illness or injury.

Summer Camp 2019 Flyer
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In all other instances, no refund of camp fees will be given unless notice of cancellation is given to Annunciation Heights at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the camper’s session (though, the $100 deposit fee is non-refundable in this instance). A prorated portion of the fee will be refunded if the camper is sent home from camp due to illness or injury. Refund will not be made for a remaining period of two days or less. If a camper leaves early due to homesickness, disciplinary reasons, or parent request, no refund will be given.

Scholarship Assistance
Additionally, limited scholarship assistance is available on a case by case basis. The scholarship application can be found below. Please submit the application via email in order to be considered for financial aid. To submit the application or make inquiries about the discounts or scholarships, please email Luke Hlavin, assistant program director at camp.

Email Luke Hlavin about Scholarships or discounts: luke.hlavin@annunciationheights.org

Summer Camp Programs:

While there are sessions for both boys and girls each week, during much of the week, campers will spend time with their respective genders, creating strong bonds and learning from highly qualified young men and women. We’ll also be putting our campers together with kids their age – ensuring that groups are able to experience safe, age-appropriate adventures. 

4th - 5th Graders

Our youngest campers, those entering 4th-5th grade, will have camp counselors that are trained in ways to best impact this age group. Our camp counselors will be fun, energetic, goofy, and faith-filled young adults. Cabin groups in 4th-5th grade will embark on awesome adventures, play fun games, and they’ll learn about the Catholic faith and be encouraged to grow in their personal relationship with Jesus. All activities, including hikes, will be age appropriate for 4th-5th graders.

6th - 8th Graders

Campers entering 6th-8th grade will be placed together, and their counselors will be those that are trained to best impact this age group. There are specific challenges that middle school students face, and specific questions that middle school students ask – our camp counselors will be ready and eager to support and encourage our 6th-8th grade students, to help them make new friends, to have loads of fun, and to fall even more deeply in love with Jesus Christ.

9th - 12th Graders

High school campers will have a unique opportunity to help set the tone during our inaugural Summer Camp. We’ll challenge our high school campers to be leaders amongst the young campers, and to help us create long lasting traditions. Our specially trained counselors will be well equipped to take these campers deeper into their faith, and to lead them during the week in fun, faith, and incredible adventures.

All of our programming at Annunciation Heights is age appropriate. We’ll challenge your camper(s) to grow, to learn, to make new friends, and to have loads of fun – all in a safe, faith-filled environment. Annunciation Heights is located just minutes from Rocky Mountain National Park. Throughout the summer, in addition to taking part in the countless awesome adventures on our property, we’ll be taking our campers on various day hikes and adventures in the Park.

Session Chart:

For this, our inaugural Summer Camp at Annunciation Heights, we’re offering five one-week sessions. Campers entering 4th -12th grade will be eligible to experience life at The Heights.

Additionally, in 2019, we’ll be offering two Family Camps. Click here to learn more about Family Camp.

You’ll notice below that there are two separate session charts, one for boys and one for girls. While we’ll be running our boys and girls camps simultaneously, our hope to is to create two separate experiences, one for boys and one for girls.

We invite you to check out our Session Chart to see when each of our five sessions of Summer Camp will be offered.

Boys Sessions:

Girls Sessions:

Summer Camp Daily Schedule

The framework of our daily schedule during Summer Camp will look similar each day, however we’ll be packing each day with new and fun adventures. Hikes in and around nearby Rocky Mountain National Park will be a big part of each week. Additionally, activities on our Camp property will be sprinkled throughout the week, including trips down the zip line, climbing the rockwall, fishing in our lake, riding mountain bikes, etc.

Of course, our shared faith will be at the heart of all we do. Mass, adoration, confession, and small group prayer time will be an enormous part of the week. Scroll down to see a typical day of Summer Camp at Annunciation Heights.

Typical Daily Schedule

7:30am – Wake Up
8:00am – Breakfast
8:45am – Cabin Clean Up
9:15am – Daily Mass
10:00am – Morning Activity #1 / Hike
11:00am – Morning Activity #2 / Hike
Noon – Free Time
12:30pm – Lunch
1:15pm – Siesta
2:00pm – Afternoon Rotation #1
3:00pm – Afternoon Rotation #2
4:00pm – Afternoon Rotation #3
5:00pm – Free Time
5:30pm – Supper
6:30pm – Evening Activity
8:30pm – All Camp Closing Day Prayer
8:45pm – Prepare for Bedtime/Cabin Group Devotion Time
9:30/10:00/10:30pm – Bedtime

If you have questions about Summer Camp registration, please give us a call at 970-586-5689

Learn more about serving on our Summer Camp Staff

For our inaugural summer, we’ll be hiring 30-35 college students to serve in various capacities, including camp counselors, kitchen crew, leadership team, etc. Learn more by clicking the button below.